Research Paper On Teen Panic Disorder

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Teen Panic Disorder
Teen Panic Disorder happens when people suffer from sudden, uncontrollable panic attacks. These panic attacks are not occurring for any natural fear or in any danger. In fact, it happens for unnecessary, overpowering fear. When a teen gets many panic attacks he or she may start worrying about having another panic attack. This needless worry causes him or her more anxiety. Teen with Panic Disorder often experiences anxiety and avoids visiting places where a panic attack may happen. This mental disorder is called Agoraphobia. In the USA, six million people are suffering from panic attacks. Teens are suffering more than others.
Hyperarousal or the severe traumatic response is common when a person faces danger. The body’s expected reaction is fast and it initiates in a fraction of seconds. The sense stimulates various brain areas that are aimed to protect you by signalling you to escape or to fight with it. At this point of time, the brain starts releasing adrenaline and other hormones throughout the body for countering the threat. This defensive machinery is called hyperarousal or the fight-or-flight response and this mechanism helps us to survive. However, the emotional and physical responses during the hyperarousal are
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Generally, Panic Disorder starts in late adolescence or early adulthood while panic attacks may begin in childhood or in the early teen years. However, it has not discovered what causes Teen Panic Disorder, but it is proved that genes play a major role. Usually, it is seen that those teen mostly suffers from Teen Panic Disorder who has immediate family members with Panic Disorder or experiencing traumatic incidents like abuse, insult or major loss. Marijuana can also be a reason of Teen Panic Disorder. Panic Disorder should always be diagnosed by an expert doctor or clinical
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