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Travis Pastrana has broken many bones and many records. Travis was born October 8,1983,in
Annapolis,maryland (savage 11).Travis never intended to do tricks ,but to race motocross.In 1999 he won the 1st FMX championship (savage 29).When Travis was younger, he win the 125 national race(savage 18).Travis only did tricks on his dirt bike for fun. Travis never lost an x games (savage 7). He currently owns four gold medals( savage 7).He left public school to focus on racing.He won the 1st ever Gravity Games (savage 16).Travis’s life is different from others it’s more thrilling and exhilarating. Mr. pastrana started to get into rally cars.Not only did he get into them he wanted to jump one the furthest.His main purpose was to race ,but he started racing rally cars.Pastrana loves danger and has lived through a lot.Travis should be dead ,but he has lived through his craziness.
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Travis enjoyed getting out of his comfort zone.Travis lives back in his hometown with two kids and his own playground.He lives the life that others only dream of.Travis Pastrana has broken many bones and many records.Travis Pastrana’s life is different from from most more dangerous and more
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