Research Proposal Title: Cultural Issues (Change Management) in Mergers

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Research Proposal

Title: Cultural Issues (Change Management) in Mergers

ICON College of Technology Management

BTEC Edexcel Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma in Management Studies

(DMS) (Semester 1)

Prepared by:
Rahad Air
ID: 5957

Module Leader: Dr. Paul Howe

Course: Research Method

February 2010
Today’s fast growing globalize economies and competition have forced industries to fine ways to survive in today’s perplexed business environment and generate profit for their shareholders. There are many methods to develop the organizations one of them is Mergers and Acquisitions. This is where strategies for success are developed by acquiring new companies or by the merger of two (P.Gaughan, 2000).
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 What is the role of leaders during M&A?
 Why M&A are a source of stress for employees and managers and how this can be reduced?
 How can synergy benefits of mergers and acquisitions be achieved throughout the conglomerate?
 How all the above discussed issues can be meld together to form a healthy culture of the merged or acquired company?
 How employees and management 's resistance to change can be overcome by change agents during M&A?

All the above questions address the prevalent problems in ALO and Time Warner at the management and staff does not mutually agree on the decisions. This has resulted in constant declining performance of the new company. The main objective will be to address these problems in the context of available literature on organization 's cultural issues, motivation, role of leadership in change management, communication and performance management.

Literature review:

There has been a lot of research done by researches on the causes and problems of change management organization. Many authors(Lawrence,1954; Maurer, 1996; Strebel, 1994; Waddell and shoal,1998,among other) streets that the reasons for the failure of many change initiatives can be found in resistance to change, Resistance to change introduce costs and delays into the change process (Ansoff,1990) that are difficult to anticipate (Lorenzo,2000) but must be taken into consideration. Resistance has also been

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