Research Question Relationship to Research Design

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Research Question Relationship to Research Design
Lyn Shela Heck

The research question or hypotheses narrows the purpose statement. It predicts what will be learned and the questions studied. A research question must indicate a target population. It must identify the dependent variable and the independent variable(s) as well as answer what is the desired knowledge or conclusion. Accurate results come from a good research question. Variables must be clearly defined. Based on the data extrapolated from the study, the question should be answerable. Finally, there must be a need to answer the question. A good research question foreshadows the research design. The purpose of this paper is to explore the relationship between the
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There are three elements that must be present in an experimental research design:
(1) A relationship between two variables
(2) A time order between the two variables
(3) The relationships found cannot be the result of a confounding variable. (Muijs, 2010, p. 20). The relationship between two variables is either positive or negative. If they are positive, both variables are positive. For example, if there is increased political propaganda there is increased political bias. On the other hand, negative relationships between variables will have lower values on one variable while the other value will be higher. Time order, is explained by cause and effect. One variable precedes the other. For example, political propaganda causes political bias. The third element, confounding variables, means, “the research question cannot be explained by a third variable” (Muijs, 2010, p. 21).

Experimental research design is chosen for this study using a randomized two-group pretest-posttest design. It is appropriate for this research because it satisfies the three requirements above. Experimental design maintains the most control over external elements. The research design will measure the bias by introducing a lesson containing political material to two stratified (Vogt (2007) sample random groups: controversial group and non-controversial group. The controversial group
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