Research into Environmental Stressors on Aggressive Behaviour

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Research into Environmental Stressors on Aggressive Behaviour

The two environmental stressors I have chosen to discuss are temperature and over-crowding.

A theory that best describes environmental stressors on aggressive behaviour is the negative affect escape (NAE) theory; this claims that when the unpleasant stimuli increases so does the negative affect (the mood) and this leads to an increase of aggressive behaviour or an increase in the escape behaviour, if a person cannot escape they will become more aggressive and this can relate to temperature because it is something we cannot escape, so when the unpleasant stimuli becomes extreme people rather focus on their escape or they will become …show more content…

However Anderson did not agree with this theory of aggressive behaviour decreasing after extreme heat, he considered the effects of temperature on different forms of aggressive behaviour such as, assault, murder and rape. He found that there was a steady increase in all of these aggressive acts as the temperature rose, with no sign of any reduction in the extreme heat.

Another theory that is used to describe temperature on aggressive behaviour is the routine activity theory put forward by Cohen and Felson they state that opportunities for interpersonal interaction is high in the summer due to the change of their pattern in their routine activity, because in the summer it is much more likely for people to be outdoors increasing their contact with people leading to an increase in aggression as well. However this is more of an indirect link as there is no proof to show this.

Also it is claimed there can be a biological link between heat and aggression, the level of testosterone rises in when the weather is hot, explaining why men can be seen as more aggressive than women.

It could be said that there is no clear-cut relationship between temperature and aggression as some research has shown an increase of aggression with rising temperatures whereas

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