Residential Schools : Residential School System Setup For Aboriginal Children Essay

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Residential schools. Residential school refers to a boarding school system setup for Aboriginal children that operated from the 1880s until the late twentieth century education. This system was put in place to “kill the Indian in the child” ( Loppie et al., 2013, p. 6; Miller, 2004, p. 35) While at these boarding schools, they were not permitted to speak their language or practice anything of their culture. These schools were run by religious men and woman. The children were only educated up to grade five level, and only to become work as general laborers in factories or in the home. The focus of their education was to have them, assimilate into ‘Euro-Canadian’ culture, were ultimately this was cultural genocide. Moreover, reports of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse are well documented from survivors of residential schools. Moreover, there were cases of medical experiments being conducted on children. Many children died at residential schools due to maltreatment (FNHA, n.d., para. 22; UBC, 2004, para. 1-3). After exploring and analyzing the literature and understanding the history which affects the issue at hand, it is possible to view this issue through historical, political, social, cultural and ethical lens to better understand the situation as it is today. Colonialist policies were put in place, which segregated and marginalized AP which affected the dominant culture views as to what behaviours/attitudes are socially acceptable to have in regards to this

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