The Canadian Government Enacted An Indian Act

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The Canadian government enacted an Indian Act in 1876 which outlines their approach towards the elimination of the Aboriginal government, land, religion, and so on. This policy’s central goal was to assimilate the entire aboriginal population into Canadian civilization. The act described how to categorize one as an Indian, how one could lose their Indian status, the abolition of Native traditions and practices, and much more. Through residential schooling, which was administered through the Indian Act, the country was able to force allegiance in mass volumes. The word ‘residential schools’ refers to a schooling system which intends to enforce Euro-Canadian values into Aboriginal youth. After many years of agonizing discrimination and …show more content…

To reconcile the relationship between Canada and the Aboriginal community means to effectively restore peace and instil positive relations amongst the two parties. In the interest of reconciliation, the Canadian government must undo its actions against the aboriginal community and furthermore acknowledge responsibility on its part. In 1949, the Special Joint Committee of the Senate and House of Commons considered and delegated the content of the Indian Act. By 1949, the Indian act was modified to allow first nations students to be educated in public schools. The Canadian government recognized the inexcusable conditions Aboriginal youth were exposed to through residential schooling and yet failed to formally accept guilt and liability. Furthermore, bill C-31 was introduced in 1985 as an act which aimed to amend the horrific laws enforced through the Indian Act and gave. This gave the Aboriginal community hope for equality amongst non-Aboriginals within Canada. The bill aimed to reinstate Indian status to all individuals whom were forcibly stripped of their status because of the Indian act. However, the result of the bill proved it to be extremely unproductive as large numbers of women and children were still not reinstated with Aboriginal status for over thirteen years, thus failing the Aboriginal community. Furthermore, in 1991, the Canadian government composed the Royal Commission on Aboriginal

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