Resigning Employees and Knowledge Outflow

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Company knowledge - Resigning employees possibly will take valuable knowledge about the company past history, current projects and future plans sometimes to the competitors.
Customer service - Business is usually done with a company because of the relationship the client has with an employee of the company. When this employee leaves, this relationship is severed thus leading to potential client loss.
Turnover results in more turnovers - When an employee leaves, the mood in the office changes. This effect is felt throughout the organization. The other employees are required to make up for the loss. This might lead to more employees leaving the organization.
Regaining efficiency - A lot of time is waste in selecting a new employee and training to replace an old employee. Considerable amount of time is lost while the new employee might take some time to get used to his new job.
Goodwill - When turnover rates are low, goodwill is maintained. While, when the retention levels are high there is a possibility of attracting better talent into FedEx.
Why employees leave – Except money, there are many other needs of employees that need to be satisfied for them to stay longer in the organization. Some of the reasons why employees resign are:
• Unexpected responsibilities – Generally, employees have an idea of what they want their tasks to be. In a situation where the responsibility is totally different from their expectations, they will feels de-motivated and eventually tends to leave

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