Responding To A Man-Made Or A Natural Disaster Presents

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Responding to a man-made or a natural disaster presents dangers and difficulties to first responders, and involved agencies, whether they are local, state or federal agencies. The difficulties in responding to these critical incidents make having a plan essential to successfully respond to, and manage the outcome of a critical incident. The United States government has established a national plan called the National Incident Management System (NIMS). NIMS is comprised of 6 components which help local, state and federal agencies respond to, control and manage a critical incident, whether it be man-made or a natural disaster. Communications and information management are the most important aspects of NIMS, to assist the involved agencies…show more content…
3). The single most important aspect of NIMS is the Communications and Information Management component. The National Incident Management System states, “Establishing and maintaining a common operating picture and ensuring accessibility and interoperability are principal goals of communications and information management” (p. 49). Communication, information management, and intelligence are the keys to solving problems, and issues when dealing with a man-made or natural disaster. Hurricane Katrina was one of the largest natural disasters in recent history of the United States. This powerful hurricane affected much of the east coast especially Louisiana and Mississippi. The hurricane landed on August 5th 2005, most people evacuated from the coastal areas of Louisiana and Mississippi. Approximately 1.2 million people evacuated from their homes in the New Orleans area, something like 100,000 remained in New Orleans, and another 10,000 took shelter in the Superdome. Hurricane Katrina caused an estimated 1500 deaths and was the third largest hurricane in US history. Hurricane Katrina cost approximately 160 billion dollars to respond to, and caused 81 billion dollars in damage ( This natural disaster was a perfect example of when and where NIMS would be used, and
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