Responsibilities And Responsibilities Of Sports Club

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i. The responsibilities and risks of sport clubs

Any organization in any field has some rules and responsibilities to follow, sport organization is one of them and they have many policies to save people's rights. We will mention the most important duties and talk about them in details. 1. Safe society for the members
Dangers that are characteristic in a sport activity that happen in the ordinary course of a game seldom give rise to a claim of an inattention. Be that as it may, dangers that are not characteristic in the sport, that represent an unreasonable danger of threat, that emerge out of a ponder disregard for the guidelines of the sport and that can generally be anticipated might be the premise of carelessness, and are correctly the dangers that should be overseen. Carelessness and obligation are legitimate terms with exact legal meaning.

2. making fair decisions

One of the good strategies in sport clubs is to put some specific rules and make contract between …show more content…

To avoid the risk we have to know the causes of the risk, which is not easy to identify the exact risks, which harmed the organization. There are some reasons we think they could cause the risk, the most important cause could be the governance, since the system of the government changes yearly, which may affect the progress of the clubs. Secondly, which is one of the most popular problem is the financial statement. Many clubs bankrupted due to a financial crisis, and there are many other reasons that caused them to be in a financial crisis. Furthermore, the member services which the management of the club should do them, as we know today how the salaries and grans is risen all over the world, which can not be afforded. In addition, the facilities and the equipment play a big role about this issue. Lastly, the social events side, which the club do it for the fans of the club to attract them, supporting the

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