Rethinking an Argument against Fat Taxes in the US Essay

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While nobody denies we have a problem with taxation in this country for food, beverages, and everything that we buy in general, I believe that we should have a fat tax to detour people from buying soda and other fattening foods. We should also ban sodas and other fattening foods from vending machines in schools, and replace them with more healthy selections. In the article “What You Eat Is Your Business”, the author claims, Americans need to be more responsible for their own health and the government should not become involved (Balko). I argue this point; the American people have been tempted into buying foods that are unhealthy, cheap, and convenient, and we cannot be responsible when foods like this are so easy and available to…show more content…
It seems Balko is just worried about his taxes and states, “Your heart attack drives up the cost of my premiums and office visits” (Balko). It is my opinion that the author of this article is vague and biased on the subject of “fat taxes and that socialized health in the United States would be bad for the American public” (Balko). We need help with weight issues, and health care. More people in the United States are getting diabetes and heart problems from being overweight. He seems concerned with the fact that he will have to pay the same price for his insurance even though there are people that are obese paying the same rates. Balko implies, the United States government could go as far as to take fattening foods off restaurant menus and grocery store shelves (Balko). I question this theory that Balko is trying to convey in the article and do not believe that government would get this involved in what Americans should and should not eat. After all, this is the United States, the government would not go as far to ban certain foods, but they are planning on a soda tax. If these foods were good for you, they would leave them alone, but soda and sugar filled fruit juice is bad for adults and children. Not only does soda cause you to be fat, it causes kidney stones if you drink enough of them (AJPH). Furthermore, it is necessary for someone to intervene in our weight concerns. We are one of the unhealthiest

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