Return To Aztlan Culture

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and loaning money to him. Sometimes a group of friends come to a foreign place together and they may help each other while having problem. Besides, if a group of friends come from the same community, their relationships may overlaps with other circles of friends. With this overlaps, a newcomer can get help or assistance from his friend's friend who is living in U.S. As a result, the newcomer can migrate into foregin place successfully and assimilate into the place quickly. Third, Paisanaje is a latent dimension of association in the home community. And it only becomes meaningful after migration. People coming from common community of origin have the same feeling of belonging and communal identity. This paisanaje not only promote the cohesion …show more content…

First, the developed migrant network, in fact, is a new set of social network that created by new migrants. After new migrants arrived in foreign place, they would meet the other people with potential connections to the foregin place and make friend with them. Since more new migrants migrate to foreign land and live for a long time, the quality and quantity of the new social ties would be improved. "As the quantity and quality of network connections grow, the cost of migration is progressively reduced, encouraging others to try their luck", according to the reading "Return to Aztlan" mentioned. Also, since the network connections is expanded, everyone almost has a direct connection to someone with U.S migrant experience. By having a direct connection and low cost of migration, people continuously migrate to foreign place as if the migration keep persisting. A great example is that after a Chinese newcomer migrate to U.S, he/she in work place may know some guys who stayed in U.S for a long time. By getting along well with them, those guys would like to offer assistances to the new migrant, such as financial assistance or housing assistance. Thus, the new migrant can live well in U.S. Since the new migrant migrates to U.S sucessfully, his/her friends or family's member may follow his/her step to migrate

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