Reverse Racism Has Been Thrown Around Amongst People

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In fairly recent years, the idea of reverse racism has been thrown around amongst people. Basically, it is when individuals or groups who have been discriminated against because of race in the past are now favored over others who hadn’t been discriminated against. For example, the idea that hispanics or blacks get more privileges because they are the minority in turn discriminates against white people, which could be seen as a major issue. Although this seems kind of absurd, the topic of reverse racism is catching a lot of attention from important sources. A handful of cases on the subject have been brought to the Supreme Court. The idea and issue of reverse racism first gained tons of attention when one case was brought to the nation 's highest court in the 70s, according to Associated Press. A student named Allan Bakke had accused the University of California medical school for denying him admission multiple times because he was white, even despite his good grades. After that, numerous other cases had made their ways to a handful of court systems, claiming that it is extremely unfair to discriminate against someone because they’re white. More recently, a teacher named Jon Everhart filed a lawsuit against the school that he taught at for this very reason. Katie Frates, a writer for the Daily Caller, tells us that despite all the great accomplishments Everhart had achieved in his many years of teaching, a fellow employee who later became his boss discriminated against

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