Review Of ' The Opening Scene '

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6. Chapter One’s opening scene is from Brian’s point of view waking up in his hospital room with no knowledge of what’s happening around him. This retelling of events is choppy, because he is falling in and out of consciousness. Chapter Two is very similar; Brian is mostly describing what he observes, confused and looking for answers, but only getting more questions. He is put into a CAT scan and asked to hold his breath, he is also asked to blink his eyes, however, he is unable to do either. Chapter Three begins with a young girl catching a glimpse of Brian in the hospital and running scared because he looks like a “monster.” There is a change of scenery, and Brian moves to Room 19. The nurses begin to wean him off of the heavy medication that kept him alive. Brian is slowly able to blink. Chapter Four is the first time Brian recognizes his parents when they come to visit him. Brian is informed of what happened by his father. Chapter Five shows us Brian’s parents trying to get a response out of him. Brian’s father rubs Brian’s feet and asks him to blink, and is rewarded with triumphant blinking and the wiggling of toes. Chapter Six has Brian feeling worse. He is unable to blink and is covered in icy blankets. Some nurses wash his hair. Brian overhears that he has caught a bad infection and that he may be put in a nursing home. He is worried that he will need constant care and when his father gives him a firm talk to keep fighting, that’s just what Brian
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