Review Of ' The Wrath Of Jupiter '

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The Wrath Of Jupiter

It started out, a normal day. I was going to the fields, like usual. My wife, Fabiana, wanted to say good bye. Unlike most Roman marriages, we truly loved each other. Every day I left for work she would be right there saying good bye. So far she hasn’t missed a single day. “I see you are already heading out”, she said. “Well I want to earn some extra money this BC”, I replied. “I know”, she said a little upset, “but I know that you 're just trying to help this family. The baby is on the way and you 're right on one thing, we need extra money.” I knew she’d understand. I sometimes thought that me and Fabiana were a little peculiar because of the things we did. We were the only ones that married for love
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Everybody was running to their homes, so they could get to cover, especially in the fields. But I wasn’t worried about getting to cover, I was worried about Fabiana. She was at the spring and if she didn’t get to cover, I don’t know what I’ll do. I was running to the spring as fast as I could. I started to think that if I lost her, I wouldn’t only lose her, I’d loose my new baby too. I wasn’t going to lose her. I wasn’t going to lose everything. I had ran for a while until I finally saw the spring. There she was, standing there. I yelled her name a couple of times until I caught her attention. She started running towards me and I ran to her. We were so far away from each other, but I just knew that we would make...BOOOOOOOM!!!!! The ground shook as I flew to the ground. I woke up and I saw the worst sight I could ever wife dead on the floor. I ran to her. I looked at her, I felt her stomach. I was so relieved when I felt her still breathing. I started to yell, “HEEEEEELP!!!!!!! SOMEONE HELP ME!!!!!!!!! MY WIFE IS HURT PLEASE!!!!!!!!” A doctor started to come over, but I was still scared because the doctors in Rome just may not cut it. As one of the doctors came up to me he said, “I can help. I used to be a Greek slave and when we went to escape one of my friends fell off the Pons Fabricius bridge, to get here, I was the only one that could save him and he is

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