Review Of ' The Wrath Of Jupiter '

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The Wrath Of Jupiter

It started out, a normal day. I was going to the fields, like usual. My wife, Fabiana, wanted to say good bye. Unlike most Roman marriages, we truly loved each other. Every day I left for work she would be right there saying good bye. So far she hasn’t missed a single day. “I see you are already heading out”, she said. “Well I want to earn some extra money this BC”, I replied. “I know”, she said a little upset, “but I know that you 're just trying to help this family. The baby is on the way and you 're right on one thing, we need extra money.” I knew she’d understand. I sometimes thought that me and Fabiana were a little peculiar because of the things we did. We were the only ones that married for love and we were only five and a half years apart in age. “Ridiculum, don’t work to long. I’m going to go to spring and I should have dinner ready at seven. Will you be home by then?”, she asked. “Probably eight, but I’ll try to make it sooner. Good bye, I love you”, I said. I got to work and started talking to some of my friends and as they told me some of their issues with their wifes. “ I’ve actually been getting really annoyed with Octavia. She keeps going to the spring and spending all her time there. She’s not getting anything done”, one of his friends said. Another joined in, “Tell me about it. My wife doesn’t even go to the spring most days.” As everybody kept telling everything bad about their wives I stayed pretty…

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