Max Martin

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  • The End Of The Tunnel

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    Ahead of him was nothing but eerie darkness. Encountering a knife like rock jab into him in the neck was coming up in his timeline...or was that just an extremely realistic shadow, he wondered. Jerry’s vision got fuzzy. At eighty-two seconds he could no longer see, his legs and arms were numb, and his heart brutally pounded in panic. Was he in a trance? Or was he just not thinking? All he could do was recognize shapes and an approximate darkness. According to his approximate darkness calculator,

  • Persuasive Essay About Smoking

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    It was December 19th, 2017 when my life changed forever. When I took that first breath of nicotine-infused smoke into my lungs. I watched it swirl out of my mouth, dancing on the frosty December air. I loved it. So I took another drag from it, and another, and another, until all that was left were the glowing embers at the end of the cigarette. I dropped it, smashed it into the black and cracked asphalt, lit another cigarette, and repeated the whole process. That's when my addiction started. I was

  • You Do Know What I 'm Talking About

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    “You do know what I’m talking about,” Charlie whispered and shrunk down slightly in the water. “I don’t,” Scarlett mumbled so low that he couldn’t even hear her. Charlie sat up and looked at her for a moment before scooting close to her so that he was right next to her. She was still sitting cross-legged so he didn’t get very close. She wasn’t looking at him, but instead was staring into space. “Hey,” Charlie whispered. When Scarlett didn’t respond, he turned her shoulders so that she was looking

  • Review Of ' The Wrath Of Jupiter '

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    The Wrath Of Jupiter It started out, a normal day. I was going to the fields, like usual. My wife, Fabiana, wanted to say good bye. Unlike most Roman marriages, we truly loved each other. Every day I left for work she would be right there saying good bye. So far she hasn’t missed a single day. “I see you are already heading out”, she said. “Well I want to earn some extra money this BC”, I replied. “I know”, she said a little upset, “but I know that you 're just trying to help this

  • A Short Story : A Story?

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    ‘Savannah!’ My mother shouted her voice a simple echo in the empty tunnel. I wake up startled and disorientated; a single tear drop falls from my face. The shouts from my mother are now a distant memory. I get up off my make shift bed, which consists of some hay and hessian sacks, I look around my room which is bland and mildew filled and start to get ready for the day. I walk on my tip toes trying to be quiet, as to not wake up the others. I arrive in the kitchen and open the cabinets; I am met

  • Influences of Love: A Comparison of William Shakespeare and Max Martin

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    In this he rights of a beautiful and powerful love that burns in him like a flame. With his silky words, he describes the great passion he feels towards this person. Martin and Shakespeare both write of burning desire which flows through their veins and from there into the paper. The love is pure and beautiful, casting away any of the negative influences that the person gives off. “… I like the way you misbehave / When

  • Annotations: Childrens Literature

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    New York: Scholastic Inc., 1983. This book is about a boy named Max who goes on an adventure to where the wild things live. Max gets sent to his room for being wild in the house and causing trouble. Then Max’s room slowly turns into a forest and Max goes on his adventure. Max gets there and scares all the wild things with a magic trick. They name Max the wildest thing of all and he becomes king of the wild things. Eventually Max gets lonely and comes home. This book has a few valuable messages

  • Descriptive Essay About Having A Dog

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    At the young age of 14, I fell in love for the first time. Although not ideal, he was white, covered with brown spots and innocent eyes; a young Chihuahua. Max and I came into each other’s lives on October 20, 2013, when my older brother told me that a dog was coming home soon. Although I was afraid of dogs, having previously been bit by one, I was oddly excited, and kept glancing at my phone and at the window for the arrival of the new member to our family. Once the duo arrived, my whole life would

  • Noteabilitypro Essay

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    computational music framework [Hammel, 2006]. NoteabilityPro started as a flexible music notation editor and later the Integrated Interactive Music Performance Environment module (IIMPE) was added to support interactivity with Max/Msp (PureData). NoteAbiltyPro communicates with Max/Msp(PureData) by sending messages, so these messages are added by the user to the score in the NotabilityPro environment as text messages and specifies the measure and beat location with text-numbers. Figure 5, shows one sample

  • Barbarians: A Fictional Narrative

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    “Did they hurt you? Tell me truthfully.” “I’m fine. He chloroformed me but…” “They do that, damn barbarians. Did he touch you in any kind of wrong way? You can be honest. I won’t be mad at you.” “I was really afraid he was going to do that but he took me straight to his family homestead. His parents and bunch of his relatives were there the whole time. They were really nice but they just wouldn’t let me go.” “They have some crazy ten-day rule. We were coming for you. Don’t you ever doubt that, my