Essay Review of the Band Periphery and Their Album Clear

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Periphery-Clear Review Periphery is a band well known in the metal community as one of the pioneers of the djent/progressive metal movement. They have gained a loyal and sizeable fanbase through their previous two releases, Periphery and Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal, as both albums were very innovative and successful. Clear is Periphery’s latest EP, released on 1/28/2014, via Sumerian Records. This EP is a unique release, and deviates from the standard Periphery releases in that instead of every Periphery member working on this record together, each member individually works on one song and the album is basically a collection of these tracks. Periphery has stated that this release is meant to be experimental, and not a continuation of their previous two records. I believe that this “experiment” turned out to be a massive success, as this album is able to showcase just how talented each member of Periphery is. The concept behind Clear was quite a daring one, but Periphery pulls through with an amazing album because each track has its unique identity, while the record still flows well as a whole. If I had to pick one adjective to describe Clear, I would probably pick “fun.” Clear is an extremely fun album to listen to, as the different vocals styles and epic instrumentals make it very dynamic. The mood shifts quite fast and dramatically at times, but this album is still coherent as a whole. “Overture”, “Zero”, and “Extraneous” are the instrumentals, and they are all…

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