Essay Review of the Band Periphery and Their Album Clear

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Periphery-Clear Review Periphery is a band well known in the metal community as one of the pioneers of the djent/progressive metal movement. They have gained a loyal and sizeable fanbase through their previous two releases, Periphery and Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal, as both albums were very innovative and successful. Clear is Periphery’s latest EP, released on 1/28/2014, via Sumerian Records. This EP is a unique release, and deviates from the standard Periphery releases in that instead of every Periphery member working on this record together, each member individually works on one song and the album is basically a collection of these tracks. Periphery has stated that this release is meant to be experimental, and not a …show more content…

“Pale Aura” is my favorite track off Clear and one of my favorite Periphery songs of all time, as everything from the vocals, the instrumentals, to the mood of the track are pieced together so well that it gives me chills. As a whole, there’s really not much to complain about the E.P, as each member did a tremendous job in their respective tracks, and the production work is unbelievably well done. Lyrical work on Clear is similar to the musicianship on each track: different yet coherent. Although only four of the tracks have vocals, and the lyrics are all written by different people, each member of Periphery is so talented that none of the songs portray a drop in lyrical quality. My favorite song lyrically would have to be “Feed the Ground”, as the lyrics are so unique yet interesting. “Shots fired and I’ve got a fucking reason, To suffocate when the breath leads to treason, cut the ties, collect what’s mine, burn everything to the fucking ground.” However, the lyrics on “Pale Aura”, “The Parade of Ashes”, and “The Summer Jam” are awesome as well, each fitting the mood and atmosphere of the tracks. Overall, Clear by Periphery is a very impressive album, as we are able to hear each individual member’s music style and understand the band a lot better. Although this is just an experiment for the band, it produced some of my favorite Periphery tracks of all time such as “The Summer Jam”, “Feed the

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