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REVIEWER FOR SCIENCE QUIZ BEE CONTESTANTS GRADE 7 1. A great Greek philosopher, he was the first person to study nature systematically. ARISTOTLE 2. He laid the foundation of modern scientific thought and assembled materials for an organized encyclopedia of all knowledge. ARISTOTLE 3. He was the foremost natural philosopher in ancient times. ARISTOTLE 4. A Benedictine nun, she contributed the medical work “Causea et Curae et Physica”. HILDEGARD OF BENGEN 5. An astronomer who proposed that the sun was the center of the universe. -NICOLAS COPERNICUS 6. He discovered the circulation of the blood which ushered in the new age in the study of medicine and biology. WILLIAM HARVEY 7. He was the first to raise the telescope…show more content…
PYTHAGORAS 51. A Greek mathematician who measured the circumference of the earth as 25,000 miles. ERATHOSTHENES 52. It is an information gathered using the five senses. OBSERVATION 53. It is a conclusion or an interpretation of events based from observed information. INFERENCE 54. It is used as a container and as a heating device. It measures volume of liquids. BEAKER 55. It is used as a heating apparatus, a container and may be used for measuring the volume of liquids. ERLENMEYER FLASK 56. It is used as a heating apparatus. It is also used as a distilling device for collecting gases. FLORENCE FLASK 57. It is used for the preparation of any solution. VOLUMETRIC FLASK 58. It is used as a container for liquid solutions and powderized chemicals. TEST TUBE 59. It is used to hold a test tube while heating. TEST TUBE HOLDER 60. It is used to pick up and hold any hot apparatus. TONGS 61. It is used to distribute evenly the heat of the flame. WIRE GAUZE 62. It is used as a container of liquids and solids being tested. WIDE-MOUTH BOTTLE 63. It is used to hold an apparatus especially when being heated. BURET CLAMP/TEST TUBE CLAMP 64. It is used to support heating apparatuses. TRIPOD 65. It is used for stirring/mixing liquid or solid mixtures. STIRRING ROD 66. It is used for measuring a small amount of liquid. MEDICINE DROPPER 67. It is used for cleaning any glass apparatus. TEST TUBE BRUSH

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