Rhetorical Analysis Nike Snow Day

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Rhetorical Analysis: Nike Snow Day Most people live their lives by trying to fit in or be like the person next to them each day, trying to out do one another. When commercials air, presenting gorgeous people with amazing bodies, it makes people want to out do them. The natural act is to be better. Nike Snow Day is effective because it features famous athletes like Rob Gronkowski, Odell Beckham and Elena Donne wearing Nike’s winter apparel, playing a game of football in the snow. The commercial features both female and male athletes so Nike appeals to both sexes, although the females are ignored throughout the ad. Nike also shows the commercials emblem “Get out here” near the end in a demanding way and Nike bases the ad on lots of American lives to connect. The commercial expresses ethos logos and pathos in an interesting approach convincing its buyers to invest in their products. Nike Snow Day opens to Rob Gronkowski, who plays for the New England Patriots, waking up on a snow day. He jumps out of bed and busts his head through the bedroom window, breaking the glass looking ecstatic in regards to the snow. Although anyone can relate to the excitement of a snow day, teenagers and young adults are the targeted audience because they have the most recent memory and can relate most. Dressed in all Nike gear, Gronkowski goes outside meeting up with Ndamukong Suh, a player on the miami dolphins. This is when both men challenge each other to a snow day. Gronkowski continues on

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