Rhetorical Analysis Of Abraham Lincoln 's Gettysburg Address

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A rhetorical analysis explores nonfictional works and determine if the techniques used make the piece effective (Texas A&M University). The Gettysburg Address is one of the most notorious speeches. A rhetorical analysis of this legendary speech would reveal the key components that made it so prominent. The evaluation of the genre, and rhetorical devices, ethos, pathos, and logos, in the speech show how the piece was effective. Abraham Lincoln is one of the most renowned presidents in history. During his term, he delivered one of the most influential speeches that will change the lives of many. He delivered The Gettysburg Address on November 19, 1863, at the dedication for the fallen soldiers (Zimmer). The speech was given following the Battle of Gettysburg at the Soldier’s National Cemetery (Zimmer). He opened the speech with the phrase “Fourscore and seven years ago…” noting the birth of America and why the nation was created, which was to obtain liberty (Yale Law School). Following this statement, he addresses the families of the Union soldiers who fought and lost their lives. Subsequently, the purpose of the speech was to acknowledge the sacrifice made by those soldiers and honor their service to their country. President Lincoln was hoping to ignite an internal fire of motivation in the families to continue the fight of the fallen soldiers for liberty and to not let their sacrifice go in vain.
The genre of the text is a speech. It was approximately two minutes long,

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