Rhetorical Analysis Of Connotation During The Cola War

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Rhetorical Analysis The article was written by a critical writer published by the Onion. The critic’s purpose through his piece of writing was he denounce the people about not understanding what was happening during the Cola War. And how they lacked the attention of understanding the situations that were around them and just putting their attention to a beverage. The critic’s adapts to evoke pathos and logic to connect with the people that were living during the Cola War to comprehend the situations such as the tension among other countries and connect with the reader about the war taking place. Therefore, the critic uses satire throughout the whole article to indicate his claims with strong opposing vocabulary and poke fun at the situation, but still revealing the main ideas through the article about the Coke and Pepsi dispute. The critic begins his satirical article with a famous speech that connects to a biblical allusion . The critique is trying to evoke his message throughout the article by making it sound more convincing to the people during the Cola War. By trying to present his claims the author begins by stating ravaged in the passage about the American advertising industry. The author applies his discussion while describing how big the sculpture should be and uses satire through the text by stating “A 60-foot-high black granite sculpture”(page 10). Throughout the article he uses negative connotations to make his claims appear in a more serious manner to the

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