Rhetorical Analysis Of Franklin Roosevelt's Speech

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A president who led the United States out of the great depression into a new world and then through a terrorist attack to be know to have given the most memorable speech of the United States history is named Franklin Roosevelt. On December 7th, 1941,Pearl Harbor was attacked by Japan and the following day Roosevelt stood in front of the United States suggesting to declare war on Japan for their actions. Within Roosevelt’s speech he uses the audience’s emotion to bring them together against Japan with anger but also with hope. Then Roosevelt goes into the facts that are leading the country into danger to try and get congress to declare war; Roosevelt’s use of logos becomes a model for other speeches, like Bush’s speech after 9/11. Finally, Roosevelt is determined to show how unethical Japan was during the attack and how declaring war is truly moral to protect the country. Roosevelt’s infamous speech strives to bring the nation into unity to declare war on Japan through emotion, reason and virtues. Franklin Roosevelt uses his authoritative credentials, somber tone and selective word choice to direct his audience into an emotional response toward his speech. He first gets his audiences attention with addressing the higher powers and then discussing the day that “will live in infamy” (Roosevelt). Roosevelt wants the emotional response of congress and the American people to begin to rally in unity toward a war effort against Japan; he started to obtain unity and emotion of the
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