Rhetorical Analysis Of John 's Speech

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Lesson Construction Template Introduction and Objective John stands at the podium, facing his audience. He begins his speech. You move forward in your seat, straining to hear what John is saying. As you look around the room, you notice that everyone else is doing the same; some people are even cupping their hands around their ears in an effort to hear. People exchange looks and shrugs: They have no idea what John is saying. It seems so obvious to you, but John is completely unaware. He concludes his speech, and you find yourself wondering what exactly John’s speech was about. What happened during John’s presentation? Why do you think it was so difficult for everyone to understand John’s speech? Though John’s speech started poorly, do you think he could have recovered and finished strong? How might John have accomplished this mid-speech? Today we’re going to look at the importance of being aware of your audience and adjusting volume and clarity to demonstrate audience awareness. Today 's lesson objective is: Students will demonstrate awareness of audience using appropriate volume and clarity in formal speaking situations. Learning Skills Take a moment and think about this lesson’s learning objective. What skills will you need to be successful? Consider presentations you’ve seen in the past. How does a speaker demonstrate that he or she is aware of the audience? How does a speaker use volume for effect? Should volume vary to emphasize a point? How

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