Rhetorical Analysis Of The Humane Society Of The United States

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The Humane Society of the United States, HSUS, has released many commercials to show the terrible conditions that some animals are subject to live in. These commercials also promote the need for people to adopt from shelters, and give these animals a second chance at a better life. This commercial in particular shows singer, and 3rd place contestant on “The Voice”, Christina Grimmie, playing the piano, and singing her version of Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero”. As she sings, many pictures and videos of animals being rescued from their terrible conditions play on a screen behind her. This commercial definitely pulls on the heart strings of animal-lovers by using the rhetoric devices of ethos, pathos, and logos in a very subtle, yet precise way. The first use of rhetoric that is seen is at the start of the commercial. The commercial opens by simply showing the symbol for the Humane Society of the United States, which is the shape of the United States made up of animals. It then shows the animals being rescued by the teams of people that work for the HSUS. Every worker is wearing a shirt with the HSUS logo on it. Opening up with their symbol, and showing the pictures and videos of the recues with workers wearing HSUS attire establishes their good use of ethos. When a person watches this commercial, they see that the Humane Society of the United States is an organization that is built around the belief that animals want, and need to be cared for and loved. It

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