Rhetorical Lamary

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In this source, there are three people standing between two suitcases. Each person is stating what they did in what places-there is a man, a woman, and a child. The man is holding a camera, and is wearing a Nike hat like the woman and child; the child is also wearing a Disney shirt. This source is implying that, even though the family took trips to various places, they did not experience nor buy anything cultural at those places. For example, they bought Nike hats in Paris, a Disney shirt in London, and ate McDonalds and bought Gap shorts in Rome.
The author is suggesting that globalization is a large contributor in the loss of culture, and that there is Americanization. In my opinion, the author is showing the irony in the situation;
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As well, it states that globalization tears down walls, potentially expanding freedom, democracy, innovation, as well as social and cultural exchanges while offering communication opportunities. This source implies that globalization is a positive driving force. They believe that it gives people more chances to interact with and understand other people, and be able to exert power globally. The source is viable; the author of the source was Pascal Lamy, director general of the WTO. The author is suggesting that globalization is an important part of developing the various countries and corporations in the world. The author is neither mocking the situation or being ironic; their perspective is that globalization is positive. As they are the director general of WTO, they, in my opinion, have this perspective because they want more trade opportunities in other countries. The author of the source gave this statement to Chilean politicians and business leaders on January 30, 2006. There are various relationships that exist among these two sources. Both sources refer to globalization and what its effects are, and view globalization as a force that banishes barriers and walls. However, the two sources have differing views about whether globalization is positive or negative; ‘Problems of Globalization’ has a more negative perspective about globalization, while source two has a much more positive
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