Reading Culture 5th Edition By Diana George And John Trimbur

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The book Reading Culture 8th Edition by Diana George and John Trimbur is a wonderful assemblage of different contexts for critical reading and thinking. As one skims through the first chapter of this book, almost immediately does it intrigue the reader to continue to progress through the argumentative essays, visual illustrations, and notable references one is so familiar with. The authors expressed their several definitions on the word “culture” and how it was used differently as time passed by. The authors also expressed their thoughts on digital communication and presented arguments from various writers who depict the pros and cons of this new cyber age of connectivity and interactivity. Forty-eight pages of academically- acclaimed arguments, illustrations, and essay examples help the reader understand what culture is and their composition course better.
Most Americans are not aware of the many definitions the word culture has had over its course of existence in the English language. Some associate their knowledge of culture with one of Beethoven 's classic symphonies or with a beautiful painting by Picasso. These same individuals most often classify their ideal of culture in two classes- high and low culture. As the authors state, “a cultured person is someone who has achieved a certain level of refinement and
Hernandez, J.
Page 2/Summary #1
January 29, 2016

What interests one living in the 21st century is how the two terms in which culture is used are ongoing in a
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