Richard Branson Leadership Essay

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Sir Richard Branson is one of the world’s most fascinating, and enduring entrepreneurial business leaders of the twenty-first century. Evidence shows that Branson is a leader who knows where to direct his resources. This essay provides an overview of Richard Branson’s organizational leadership style.
Richard Branson was born in Stowe in the United Kingdom in 1950. At the age of 16, he dropped out of school and started his first business venture a student magazine paper. In the 1970s, Branson started a mail-order business before he shifted to record labeling (Kets De Vries 1998). Two years later, the business expanded to the Virgin Records. During the 1980s and 1990s, the Virgin Records grew extensively and Branson established the Virgin Atlantic Airways. At the same time, he started the Virgin Record Label in the US (Kets De Vries 1998). He also established the Virgin Galactic. Today, the Virgin brand boasts of more than …show more content…

His style of leadership creates a vision to guide change through inspiration. He executes the change with the commitment of the members of the group (Scully 2008). This form of leadership is concerned with improving the performance of followers individually to their fullest potential. Branson augments the motivation, morale, and performance of followers through a variety of mechanisms including connecting the follower's sense of identity and self to the project and the collective identity of the organisation.
Richard Branson also continues to maintain a warm relationship with the employees and executives. Besides building his Multi-Virgin business from the scratch, Branson has proved himself by setting goals and achieving the target. The world leader works with the employees as friends who reflect his transformational leadership characteristics. In the wake of globalisation, Richard Branson’s transformational leadership model is relevant in contemporary business

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