Rights of Indigenous Australians

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The law recognizes that specific groups in society are permitted to have specific rights. Individuals in traditional homelands have the right to determine the application of health, education and welfare entitlements, free from government regulation and discrimination. However the rights Indigenous Australians are entitled to are not being completely abided by and therefore white law is being used as a tool of discrimination to Indigenous Australians.
Before the case of Eddie Mabo, Indigenous Australian’s ancestral lands that they were raised on were claimed for British purposes and benefits. After crossing paths with land-rights advocates and legal minds, Eddie Mabo became of crucial importance to Indigenous Australian land law. Mabo was looking to seek a retreat from injustice concerning Indigenous Australians right to the land. After a ten year legal battle, often referred to as the ‘Mabo’ Case, six out seven High Court Judges ruled that: ‘The Meriam people are entitled as against the whole world, to possession, occupation, use and enjoyment of the lands of the Murray Islands’. By showing that the Indigenous owned land as individuals and as families, and had clearly demarcated property boundaries, Mabo’s battle for land rights proved successful. This succession paved the way for fair land rights for Australia’s Indigenous people.
The Stronger Futures aims to help the Indigenous persons of remote communities in the Northern Territory, but are the Indigenous free from
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