Rio De Janeiro : The Largest City Of The State Rio

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Rio De Janeiro commonly known as ‘Rio’ is the second largest city in Brazil, 6th largest in America and the 35th largest city in the world by human population. Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the state Rio de Janeiro. Rio is renowned for being home to one of the worlds most famous hill of slums known as Favelas.

The first favela was built from returning soldiers from the canudos campaign in the late 1800’s. 20,000 of them we’re left homeless and needed somewhere to live. They started to tower up their mud brick homes with no plumbing or electricity. The hill of favelas started to get bigger and bigger and more appealing to poor families who couldn 't afford urban housing. In 1920 the favelas started to become a problem for the whole society. It was not until 1937 when they started to become the centre of attention, as the government created their own ‘favela policies’. In 1940 the Getúlio Vargas 's industrialization drive brought hundreds of thousands of people into Rio which expanded the slums into the city area which is why they are there today.

Rocinha is Rio’s largest group of favelas, and is home to over 100,000 people on a single hillside. Although these favelas have been significantly improved over the past 20 years compared to the ones built in the earlier stages, most of the favelas are built by the people who live in them and are lacking simple things like toilets and showers whereas here in Australia we wouldn 't ever think of not obtaining these…
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