In The 1960S, Lewin Was One Of The First To Address Employees’

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In the 1960s, LEWIN was one of the first to address employees’ motivation. According to him, motivation and skills must be combined to determine the level of performance. After him, there was a lot of research done about that subject; we then realized that motivation was very important to organizations. Motivation at work can therefore be defined as the employee 's willingness to do their job, the degree to which they are involved, their perseverance and continuity of their effort. Nowadays, companies are in a situation of hyper-competition, and profitability, profits and economies of scale have become major concerns. Human resources services are at the forefront. Indeed, they must succeed in conciliating satisfaction and profitability in …show more content…

He is really famous in the business management world; he analyzes motivation along two lines: hygiene factors and motivational factors. Hygiene factors are salary, working conditions, safety and status. The factors of motivation are the responsibility of the tasks, the recognition of the hierarchy, the evolution of career and the autonomy. The satisfaction of hygiene factors is necessary to avoid demotivation but little influence on motivation. Failure to satisfy hygiene factors leads to a negative attitude towards employment (MSG Management study guide). The last research I studied is Victor Vroom’s, a business school professor at Yale. While most motivational theories explain what motivates individuals Vroom developed in 1964, a so-called "expectancy theory" that seeks to explain why individuals are motivated and why not. The basic idea is that an individual will only make an effort if that effort allows him to obtain a reward and that reward is valorizing in his eyes (Lunenburg, 2011).
All these theories show that no matter how employees can be motivated, they are the key element to a company’s good performance. But employee motivation is not the only factor that can make or break a company’s results. How conflicts are resolved is also really important and it must be understood and managed correctly. Regulating conflicts does not mean avoiding them. Conflict is a choice made by individuals or groups, to affirm their rights, defend their

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