Rise Of Islam Research Paper

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Although it has been argued that Islam spread through violence, in fact, Islam spread quickly and gained many converts because it’s technological discoveries drew people to the empire, the social and political benefits it's convers and economic advantages. Islam's had different discoveries in relation to mathematics, science and literature. During Iraq’s golden age Whitaker stated, “...scholars of various religions from around the world flocked to the Bayt al-Hikma (house of Wisdom) and unrivalled center for the study of humanities and for science, including mathematics, astronomy, medicine, chemistry, zoology and geography, as well as more dubious subjects such as alchemy and astrology. Islam had further knowledge in mathematics and the combinations of other …show more content…

Science thrived the Islamic empire being the first empire to have a chemical laboratory. The text states, “The first chemist to work in laboratories were Islamic alchemists, who tried to turn ordinary metals into gold.” Even though it was a difficult task they weren’t able to achieve their goal but instead they were able to find ways to separate one chemical compound from another. This brought more attention to scientist gathering attention to the Islamic empire. In a matter of fact, doctors from Islam, Rhazes and Avicenna, were famous doctors during this era. “Rhazes wrote more than 100 treatises on medicine.” The Islamic empire got more attention Knowing that one of the hundred treatises told doctors how to diagnose smallpox and

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