Rise Of Organized Crime

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When one thinks about organized crime, what come to mind? Why do people feel the need to form such criminal groups and networks? Is it due to lack of economic status? Or is it because of the will to receive what one cannot have? There are many reason that can be inserted into reasons why organized crime is formed. The main reason could be money and power. With the everyday innovations of technology, organized crime has been expanded and including as many people as they can in their networks. Some organized crime groups are brought together by ethnic background while other are brought together by the willingness to be included. There are many organized crime groups as of date that are operating from one side of the country all the way back across…show more content…
These factors were immigration, prohibition, the political machine During the 19th century leading into the early 20th century, immigrants searched for better economic opportunities than the previously has. (Editors 2015) Irish immigrants seemed to provide help and easy assistance for political aspects.
The question would remain as to why someone would engage in such behaviors and illegal activities. Robert Merton’s theory or anomie can also contribute to the flourish of organized crime. In this theory Merton states “With the lack of fit between the culture's norms about what constitutes success in life and the culture's norms about the appropriate ways to achieve those goals, individuals experience a societal strain. (Abadinsky 2013) A way to combat this strain could be through his five modes of adaptation which are: conformity, innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. Organized crime associates mostly with innovation. Innovation is when you accept the goal of society but have other ways to achieving and reaching those
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The policy implications should directly target the organized crime industry. One policy implication could be to have high levels of motoring in areas where organized crime is said to meet. Another policy implication could be to full inspect each team mean of the police department to make sure they ae not involving themselves in these illegal activity. There are a lot of corruption that happens in police work daily. The blue curtain of secrecy makes it possible for these actions to take place. As far as locking away all parties that associates with organized crime, there need to be certainty that they will not easy be dismissed back into
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