Rise Of The Shoguns

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Rise Of The Shoguns: In ancient Japan the imperial court became too large for the Emperor to control, to fix this the Emperor's men broke into different clans. However, because the leaders all wanted the most land civil wars soon broke out. 2 of the biggest clans (Taira and Minamoto) gained power due to the support of factions. By 1185 this lead the leader of the Minamoto people, Minamoto no Yoritomo formed a military gout, in which the people had to obey him as the shogun. Therefore the Emperor ruled over the Shogun, however the Shogun had the power over the people and made the decision. To conclude, the Emperor is the figurehead of the land much like the Queen in modern day society, and the Shogun is the Emperor’s speaker, much like the Governor General, in the 21st century. This solution to the civil wars of Japan was only meant to be a temporary solution, this was not however the case as for the next 700 years the Shoguns ruled Japan. How did the Shoguns…show more content…
The Shoguns achieved this by deploying a military government and rewarding anyone who supported them with land, this forced the Emperor to lose power and eventually the Emperor had no power and
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