Essay about Rise of China and India

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Sam Schneider Student number: s2919337 Question being answered: Does the rise of china and India pose a threat to the American power Tutor name: Daniel Ringuet Since the early stages of the 1940 America has risen to power and stayed in power. To date America is considered the only true world super power. In the past the Roman Empire, Greek and Egyptian were all very dominating but even then there were challenging dynasty so they can’t be called a ‘super power’. In today’s society the world has two more economies forcing their way to the top, these two economies are China’s and India’s. The question being answered in this essay is: ‘does the rise of developing countries like China and India pose a serious challenge to US power?’ I …show more content…

India is increasing its hard power substantially and if they begin to increase their soft power input they would be a real force to be reckoned with. There are two types of powers to an economy its ‘hard power’ and it’s ‘soft power’. Hard power is the countries ability to use their military power and other economics means to influence the behaviour or interests of other economic bodies. The soft power is the power that comes from diplomacy, culture and history. America has maintained it’s current economical position of power for so long due to its hard power, America is renowned for it’s military power but are lacking in soft power, Schmemann (2011) states “The soft powers of wealth and information has distinctly shifted”, he is referring to how china is advancing in both soft power and hard powers. This does pose a serious threat to America because the more and more china begins to interact in international affaires the more powerful they will become and eventually they will take over if it continues to go this way. At the rate that China is going CNN money has predicted China to take over as the world leading superpower by the year 2030, so if America doesn’t start to change it’s ways it will no longer be considered the world’s leading super power. As previously stated India is investing in it’s military to further improve their weapons and defensive systems, but much like China they are still lacking in soft

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