Risk Assessment Tool : Healthcare Facilities

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Risk Assessment Tool Healthcare facilities are always looking for new ways to improve and provide better care for their patients. As the market of healthcare has rapidly become more competitive, healthcare systems are looking for new ways to improve service and care. These new ideas for improvement not only have positive outcomes for patients but, save the healthcare system money at the same time. One of the major problems hospitals have faced is hospital acquired infections (HAI’s). These infections happen in addition to what the patient came into the hospital for. One of the major changes has been the repayment from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare (CMS). CMS will no longer pay for any type of HAI that has been contracted during a …show more content…

After the software has been purchased the facility can conduct permits for any type of work that could cause harm to a patient, staff and visitors. This type of work could include above celling, floor work, and any other type of work that could cause harm. Most of the software programs will include a matrix for staff to follow depending on the area level of protection needed. Areas like Surgery, NICU, ICU, and other susceptible patient areas are listed at a higher level of protection. By incorporating this permit system, the staff can easily determine the level of containment and protection needed to reduce HAI’s and protect patients.
This system is only as good as its use. Policies must be put into place to support all staff and vendors. If the facilities department uses it correctly but vendors don’t, there will be a break down with the potential of HAI’s. Hospital policies will clearly state different types of users and different scenarios that include emergencies and how to handle them. Many of the above celling policies are not only recommended but, required by authorities having jurisdiction like the Joint Commission and the Center for Medicaid and Medicare.

Reducing Risks
By implementing the ICRA permitting system, healthcare facilities can reduce the number of potential risks to patients, visitors, and staff. The risks are substantially reduced by the use of containment systems and the use of negative

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