Risk Factors And Chronic Diseases

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If children in their homes do not brush their teeth every night, yes of course they can get a cavity or two. If a homeless person does not have the option to brush their teeth, they can get diabetes or oral cancer. If a pregnant woman does not care for her teeth, she can give birth too early. These are just examples, but these diseases can affect anyone who does not look after their teeth nor see a dentist regularly. That’s the main problem with our world. In certain communities, there may not be clinics or dentists, or people may not have to money to make the visit if such a place exists nearby. Today, it is still possible to get these issues if oral health is not taken into care, but dentists and clinics are working to aid in this situation by becoming more available to everyone in a community. According to the table of “Matrix of risk factors and chronic diseases in WHO Global Infobase”, not only is bad oral health caused by poor dental care by itself, but also by tobacco use, alcohol use, and poor nutrition. Also, the leading causes of diabetes and cancer come from the same issues as well as physical inactivity, obesity, and raised blood pressure. Imagine living without a toothbrush, a dentist and living with alcoholism, food from the garbage, no parks or outdoor areas and your home in an unsafe community. Yes, this is extreme, but it is possible. As one ages, the diseases become more prevalent and likely to become a major issue. Teeth will rot, fall out, and people

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