Robert E. Lee 's Leadership Essay

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Has your leadership ever been tested and what do you set your foundation on? If the country became divided and you had to choose a side, could you? What would you base your decision off of? This is the decision that Robert E. Lee faced when the Civil War kicked off. Robert E. Lee was a visionary leader and ethical leader during the Civil War. First, as a visionary leader, Robert E. Lee set his leadership foundation on self-discipline and used Transformational Leadership Behavior “Individualized Consideration” to lead and motivate his troops into battle even when they were outnumbered. Furthermore, as an ethical leader, Robert E. Lee’s loyalty to his homeland allowed him to overcome an “ethical dilemma” using “critical thinking” to avoid an “ethical trap.” Finally, Robert E. Lee’s actions allowed me to reflect on improvements to my visionary and ethical leadership traits in my new assignment and deployed environments. Robert E. Lee knew he had to be “self-aware” and utilize his men to their full potential before he could march them onto the battlefield where the odds were against them.
Visionary Leader
The foundation of Robert E. Lee’s leadership was built on self-discipline. Robert E. Lee believed that “If one intends to lead by example and inspire respect, one has to fulfill the ideal of someone whose vision and performance are coherent, organized, and effective” (Crocker, 1999, p. 17). Robert E. Lee stated, “I cannot consent to place in the control of others one

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