Robotic Surgery Involves Performing Laparoscopic Or Minimally Invasive Surgery ( Mis )

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Robotic surgery involves performing laparoscopic or minimally invasive surgery (MIS) through the usage of the da Vinci robot, presented by Intuitive Surgical Corporation in 2000. This approach combines the advantages of both the laparoscopic procedures and open surgery and its application in medicine is associated with a major breakthrough in the area of complex surgical operations, such as those of the esophagus, liver, etc. (Ramirez & Lotan, 2015). Until recently, these procedures were performed using an open technique of conventional operation, in which the surgeon was required to cut a broad platform to gain access to the internal organs to overcome the insurmountable technical difficulties. Currently, however, the utilization of the…show more content…
Discussion In the most recent systematic review, Tandogdu, Vale, Fraser and Ramsay (2015) amassed evidence to perform a robot-assisted laparoscopic (RAL) surgery cost-effective analysis. The authors assessed 47 studies reporting cost-benefit data. 72% of them were US-based, and nearly all were conducted from a hospital perspective. Only six of them provided a full economic evaluation. Nearly half of the studies considered urological indications. The rest of them were related to the application of RAL across the following clinical areas descendingly: urology and gynecology, obstetrics and gynecology, general surgery, and cardiothoracic surgery. Given the limitations of the studies and the meager evidence of clinical effectiveness, total expense for RAL in prostatectomy, cystectomy, partial nephrectomy, hysterectomy, sacrocolpoplexy, antireflux surgery, colectomy, coronary artery bypass, and pulmonary lobectomy were reported to be higher than laparoscopy, open surgery, and other types of surgical procedures, if applied, in all studies. According to the data, the application of RAL gastric bypass surgery has led to an abatement of anastomotic leakage rates compared to laparoscopy and open surgery. Myotomy and cholecystectomy RAL expenses were higher than laparoscopic surgery, but marginally lower than open surgery. Tandogdu et al. found that 85% of the
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