Robotic Surgery Essay

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Robotic surgery is a computer assisted surgery method that allows doctors to use the assistance of computers and programmed robots to perform highly precise and controlled surgical operations. These procedures are usually performed through tiny cuts and incisions and are therefore minimally invasive. The surgery can thus be performed with less pain, less blood loss and also a reduced healing time. [1]
Robotic surgery is a very new technology and research and development to make full use of this technology is still going on.
This report provides further details of various aspects of robotic surgery and focuses on the following key points-
- History
- Current uses
- Advantages
- Disadvantages and Considerations
- Appeal
- Future Development and Applications

2. Robotic surgery
The world’s first surgical robot, the Arthrobot was developed and tested in 1985 following research at the University of British Columbia and the Vancouver General Hospital in Vancouver, Canada. This robot worked on voice command was used in orthopaedic surgery to handle and position a patient’s limbs during orthopaedic surgery. [2]
Various other surgical robots like the PUMA 560, PROBOT, ROBODOC and the Orthopilot were developed in the decade after that and were used for different surgical procedures. [3] Other systems include the Neuromate, AESOP, da Vinci Surgical System, Zeus Surgical System and the Medtronic StealthStation.
Various surgical robots, as mentioned

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