Rock And Roll : An Ongoing Process

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Danita Mottie
Final Exam Rock and roll is an ongoing process. Some might say it’s dead in it’s tracks but as i mention in later answers, rock and roll is a statement rather than a genre. The most effective process has been through would be it’s transformation. Between the mid-1960s and 1995 i believe rock and roll changed in more of a dramatic way. The Beatles were a big game changer in the 1960s as everyone likes to use the term revolutionary to describe what happened with music. The beatles were even guilty of being traditional rock and roll as they played the standard instrumentation. They soon developed their sound and make noise featured into their songs. The beatles were interesting for their poppy and dazed music. They had an immense amount of styles they used for each album and sometimes individual songs. I think the varitues of the beatles used gave inspiration to other musicians as they sparked their creativity. The game was changed and other musicians were ready to experiment what they heard and soon rock was transferred into many different subgenres. The sub genres in the 1970s were important to the history of rock and roll. Many subgenres were focusing on political issues using music to show the music listening public what truly happens behind the scenes. These genres includes, rap/hip hop, punk and eventually grunge comes into play. Punk and hip hop emerged when the economy took a big hit and social statuses where a big part in who you were in society.

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