Rocky IV : Characteristics Of A Modern Epic Hero

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An epic story once told from family to family has transformed into modern day movies that many people watch. An example of a movie that is a modern day epic story is Rocky IV. Characteristics of an epic story that are demonstrated in Rocky IV are a character that is highly valued or important to his people, a setting that spans across great amounts of land, and many examples of the hero’s super strength that none of the other characters. In addition to this, the hero has his own characteristics that include great amounts of courage, superhuman strength, and is extremely dedicated to his success that he doesn’t worry about how it could affect his family or people that are important to him. Rocky Balboa is a perfect example of a modern epic hero because of his difficult journey to victory. The first aspect of an epic story that the movie demonstrates is with the other characters that Rocky interacts with. One of the first characters we see is Apollo Creed, Rocky’s training partner and one his best friends. Apollo is a retired boxer who still fights with Rocky but he comes out of retirement when a Russain announces his entrance in American boxing. An important characteristic worth noting here is how Apollo died. Apollo’s last name is Creed which is strikingly similar to the word greed. It’s apparent that Apollo has died because of how greedy he was, in wanted to prove to himself that he was still a good boxer even though he hadn’t fought in years. A different character that

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