Roger's Chocolates Strategic Analysis

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CBAD-478*5 Rogers’ Chocolates I-case Strategic Assessment Report November 13, 2012 Dr. Janice Black Dara Servis Executive Summary Rogers’ Chocolates specializes in a wide variety of premium chocolates that are enjoyed by all who experience the products. Whether looking for a truffle, nut and chews, or premium ice cream, consumers can always expect high quality, handcrafted products. The firm prides themselves on high quality products and unique customer experience. Throughout the dissection there were many opportunities and weaknesses to uncover. Strong consumer loyalty is an important strength that can help increase word-of-mouth of the brand. Many people look for information for new brands online through websites, reviews,…show more content…
Hand processed and wrapped chocolates need to become part of the past except for possibly putting that final touch on a premium product line. They need to streamline and automate their production in order to improve the efficiency of their plant before they expand. They will need to compete in price and have the production capability to mass produce the planned lower end chocolate product line. Additionally the company needs to look to lower cleaning costs and reduce set up times. Due to the company’s workplace culture, this will have to be implemented carefully. Rogers’ relies heavily on their British Columbia geographic segment which is where most of their retail stores are located. In the future Rogers’ Chocolate should consider branching out and testing other geographic areas for their retail stores. The wholesale business should be expanded though a selective process to acquire additional profitable wholesalers. The wholesale operational segment is an excellent vehicle to build sales without much capital expenditure. They will steadily increase Rogers’ sales and profits. An increase in sales and strong customer brand awareness will be created by the use of a well-executed web site design. This will serve as an asset to their loyal customers and attract potential younger customers. This firm has several critical stages on their value chain;
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