Role Of A Care Coordinator At The Community Care Access Centre Of Erie St. Clair

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Healthcare workplaces are very challenging in these ever changing times. Many factors contribute to the ability to affect change, and if not utilized precisely, will act as obstacles. The home care community is experiencing many concerning issues, and restructuring has begun to unfold. Poor communication, unwillingness to share information, and the inability to manage the effectively have created a work place that does not promote interactions between front line staff and management. Instead of opening the lines of communication and encouraging feedback from the care coorindators, walls have grown where bridges are needed. Information sharing about the importance of home care coordinators and the valuable role that Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) provide to their patients is imperative to develop a stronger home care system. Can we rebuild a home care system that addresses the concerns, and focuses on the patients that we provide care to? The Role of a Care Coordinator: My work environment is case management at the Community Care Access Centre of Erie St. Clair. The work involves assessment of patients to determine if they are eligible for home care services. These assessments can be face to face or over the telephone, and the patient population ranges from infants to the elderly. The services that are contracted from the providers are personal support workers, nursing, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, and dieticians. The

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