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Public relations is a demanding career that can be rewarding and satisfying. Before its popularity, for decades, people’s attitude toward this profession was viewed as “lukewarm, at best.” This negative connotation was due to the lack of knowledge of this up and coming career. The term public relations is also know by its abbreviation PR. The role of an PR personal is to help establish and matin mutual lines of communication, understanding, acceptance, and cooperation between an organization (Guth & Marsh, 2012 p.3). Lone Star College-Tomball also abbreviated as LSC-Tomball is a community college located in the city of Tomball twenty-eight miles outside of Houston. Lone Star College System is the biggest two-year institution, with an …show more content…

Mayfield begin operating his own business as an videographer. Once operating his own business ran its course, as Mr. Mayfield puts it, he joined the public relations team at LSC-Tomball where he briefly worked as the assistant PR. Although he is now the graphic designer and video coordinator, he is still apart of the PR department and works diligently with the team. Working as part of the PR team at LSC-Tomball, Mr. Mayfield explains, our biggest job is to write press release to advertise registration, or new programs/classes the school is offering. Generally, in most cases like these, we find it more beneficial if we let the local newspaper journalist write these stories Mr. Mayfield says. He continues, it keeps us (the school) from blowing it’s own horn, metaphorically speaking, on how great the new programs/classes are but rather someone else talking how great our new programs are. going more specifically Mayfield states:
“Our main focus here as Lone Star College-Tomball PR team is to keep a relationship between the public and the school. When it comes to writing a press release there are certain lens we have to see through. For the college, is it news worthy? And for the newspaper, is it something my audience are interested in? Like, holding a forum about something that will have a major impact on the community is something we would write Mayfield, 2017).”
Another thing we are responsible for are charity events that are held by the school.

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