Role Of Engineers During The Planning Process

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1. Introduction

Peace Bridge is a cycle-footpath bridge across the River Foyle in Derry, Ireland. It connected the Walled city centre and the Ebrington redevelopment site. The bridge opened to the public in 25 June 2011.

Peace Bridge won many excellence awards such as Structural Steel Design award, ICE North East Region Robert Stephenson award and the Overall planning award by the Irish Planning Institute. The government and the public have described the bridge as a sustainable infrastructure asset, which provided the basic services, and allowed the local communities and societies to function more effectively. More importantly, Peace Bridge became a landmark very quickly due to its iconic structure, which attracts millions of visitors every year.

This essay will mainly focus on the roles of engineers during the planning process. The relation between engineers and the associated Ecological, Economical, Political and regeneration aspects will also be discussed.

2. Overview of Peace Bridge

Structure of the Bridge
The bridge is a self-anchored suspension bridge. It combined the reverse curvature of the deck, inclined towers and suspension cables to balance the forces in the system. The total length of cable used was 4.5 kilometers. The use of construction material was mainly steel, and the structure weights 1000 tonnes. There is a 150mm gap at each end of the bridge to permit the expansion of steel during the summer.

Size of the Bridge
The bridge obeys a S-shaped

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