Role of Gluthathione Pathway in Discovering Anticancer Compound

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Cancer, a type of horrifying disease indicated by the uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells into lumps called tumors (Peter Crosta, 2013). Tumors on the other hand can be classified into benign and malignant, depends on their harmfulness to the body. Several factors contribute to the incidence of cancer or increase the risk of getting cancer, these include mutations of DNA, hereditary factor, carcinogens and induced by other medications (Peter Crosta, 2013).
The incidence rate of cancers is increasing while the mortality rate of cancer patients is decreasing as we move on into a more advance era (Richard Manrow and Rebecca Chasan, 2013). People nowadays are exposing themselves to numerous kinds of carcinogens and radiation which they are not aware in this modern society. Less plant is available in the concrete city which is important in purifying the air we breathe and this leads to the increase risk of getting lung cancer. For the declining rate of mortality of cancer patients, it can be explained by the more sophisticated technology nowadays in treating cancer. This includes combination of chemotherapy, the approval of cancer prevention vaccines by the US FDA, therapies that target cancer cells at the molecular level, refined radiation therapy techniques and many more (Richard Manrow and Rebecca Chasan, 2013).
Although the mortality rate of cancer patients has shown to decline with more advancing technology, there is still a need to decrease the rate of developing

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