Roles and Responsibilities of a Tutor in the Lifelong Learning Sector

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Roles and Responsibilties Within The Life Long Learning Sector DTLLS Year 1 Introduction The roles, responsibilities and boundaries of a tutor within the FE/adult education sector are ever progressing qualities which are reflected upon using the teaching cycle. This cycle can be used by both tutor and learner as discussed in 'Prepare to teach in the lifelong learning sector' – Ann Gravells 3rd Edition. Roles 1.0 The role of a tutor is to create a safe and healthy learning environment, where learners are able to work at their individual level. This is backed up by the use of initial assessment upon induction to the course. This will allow the tutor to pinpoint who may need additional support…show more content…
Conclusion 4.0 This is a brief description of my roles, responsibilities and boundaries as a tutor within the FE/adult education sector. These are the most important issues to be able to carry out the role successfully and help learners progress. By using a skills audit for my own work I am able to identify that I can demonstrate my skills effectively and should use the audit to reflect, although I know personally that within the areas of numeracy and literacy skills my weakest skill is numeracy. I have been using BBC Skills Wise website to help me develop my skills and give me the confidence to guide learners through their own issues with numeracy. Bibliography 5.0 Gravells A (2008) 'Preparing To Teach In the Lifelong Learning Sector 3rd Edition Page 28
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