Personal Narrative-Haunted In Elementary School

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The day I first heard a rumor I was nine years old, enclosed in my elementary school bathroom stall. Its walls are dark grey, exactly the color of a sickly elephant. Through a crack in its door, I spy three girls enter: all blond haired and blue eyes, they captured a vision of innocence. They stand in front of the hanging mirror, loudly whispering rather urgently: "Did you hear about Rose?" one of them says. "I heard she kissed Nigel and four other boys behind the slide.” "Nigel?" says another. " And four other boys? She is disgusting!" The last chimes in. "Oh, my God, she definitely has cooties, now!" she says, drawing out the last word for effect. Each turn directing their eyes at each other, all at once heaving out a big, “EWWW!”
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