Romantic Love Essay

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Romantic love as a cultural script includes the belief that love is all you need; true love lasts forever; true lovers become one; love is pure and good; and anything done in the name of love cannot be wrong (Ben Ze’ev & Goussinsky, 2008). Romantic ideology encompasses positive aspects of love, such as mutual devotion and intimacy. This influence is present in a beginning scene where Angela is talking to Mamen about her boyfriend and stating her faithfulness. She explains how she is able to separate the job (prostitution) from her loyalty. Even if work is busy, 30 guys in a day, she will continue to be faithful. Angela advises Mamen to take care of her own boyfriend. Then a pseudo-scenario is brought up where a hot guy at a club is present …show more content…

Later on, Caya is on a date with Manuel and she asks him that question. She basically cries when he replies that he would definitely pick her up from work. Zulema also contributes to the romantic script by showing us some affiliation as she cooks for one of her returning clients. A final instance that is in the grey area between insanity and romantic love is Caya’s mother, Pilar. Looping into the ideology that true love lasts forever, we can see how Pilar continues to love her dead husband because she does not accept the fact he has passed. During the film, Pilar consistently receives flowers to her house from an anonymous sender. At first perception we can think she has a secret admirer. Subsequently, her son supports the idea of the admirer, but Pilar insists that they are from her husband. It is later revealed by Caya that she had been sending flowers to herself the whole time. Physical attractiveness is especially important to men choosing a prospective sexual partner or mate, as shown by research in many cultures. Males will usually choose good looks, whereas women favor personal qualities and earning abilities. Preference is also determined by sexist attitudes about gender roles. People with more sexist beliefs about gender role ideologies prefer partners who have traditional masculine/feminine qualities (Crawford, 2012). Using the films schema, we can identify good looks as big breasts, big butts, nice hair, fixed nails, and a clean appearance overall. Caya

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