Romantic Movies : The Misinterpretance Of Romance And Love

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From fairy tales to multi-million dollar movie productions, romance and love have always been primary topics for literature and theatrical art. However, these stories have painted an unrealistic picture in society’s mind on how romantic relationships should be. This mirage is far from the truth and has created problems for people in modern romantic relationships. Love isn't sleeping with the attractive woman you met at the bar two hours ago like Mike’s friends in Jon Favreau’s film Swingers (1996). Nor is it running through the pouring rain and meeting your partner in the middle of the road and acting like it's the best part of your week. These fantasies have made communication of romantic affairs in the modern world lousy and lacking of …show more content…

This scene is awkward since the group just met each other and no common communication ground has been set. This happens in the real word and it is more graceless and unsuccessful as the movie depicts. Also a big percentage of society has become accustomed to promiscuity because they can’t find relationships similar to those depicted in the movies. Romantic words and their meanings have become twisted because of the influence films have had on them. Society has taken away the importance and truth behind romantic words. People now say “i love you” as much as they say “like” in conversation. These three words used to mean and show a significant other that their lover would be there to help whenever needed or to show that a strong emotional bond existed. Now it's said to show that a guy thinks a girl is pretty. Overuse and loss of meaning of romantic words have made trust between partners difficult to establish. This has put modern relationships in serious jeopardy since trust is one of the most important and necessary factors. Although Mike’s friends put on numerous displays of poor romance in the movie, his character shows viewers a realistic version. Mike doesn't try to take every girl he meets to bed. He values his connection to his partners and values a strong connection. This is why he finds it awkward and childish to chase new women at bars every week.

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